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Everyday, the same thing
planning, but going no where
always, trying
I talk, but you don't hear me or what I need
Had to be your call
Always wanted all or nothing

Life is bigger than a dream
bigger the plans you made for me
I can't breath
I gotta slow down
spinning like a record round and round
Not free, I want more than I see
Life is bigger than a dream

There was, a time
you had all my attention
Mountains, we'd climb
you had the best intentions
now we've both changed somehow
We've moved into
different and new directions

I know its time to go
the world wont wait
the world won't wait
for me to make my mind up

double chorus

Update for Laura McGhee's up and coming brand new studio space. Face to face music lessons are now available. Very exciting! Laura is a fully qualified music tutor with a BA HON (musical studies) degree awarded with a teaching endorsement, and PG DIP MUS diploma awarded from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow.

- Laura was based in the USA for 6 years as a touring musician where she also trained as a vocal coach. She has 20 years of teaching experience for 1 to 1 music tuition.

She is currently offering face to face lessons in:


 Disclosure Scotland Certified  

 For more info on pricing and details contact